Welcome to MacTavish West Technologies Pty Ltd.  Please watch this space over coming months for further details of our exciting projects undertaken in partnership with our sister organisation MacTavish West Pty Ltd. www.mactavishwest.com.au.



The World is a complicated place, and technology is constantly evolving.  We can help you navigate this landscape to identify and utilise the best and most appropriate technology solutions for your business.

We can help turn ‘Big Data’ into decision-making information, and develop tailor-made solutions to fit your needs.


Dr Hazel MacTavish-West

Food & Plant Scientist, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Communicator, 2017 Churchill Fellow.

Qualifications:  BscAgric (Hons, Syd), PhD (Tas).

Experience: 25 years of innovative near-market solutions, new concept product development & creative brand strategies for food & farming enterprises in Australia & the UK.  Scientifically, Hazel specialises in flavour, colour & health benefits of crops & foods: optimising quality, functionality & the consumer experience.  An independent consultant since 2003, with a wealth of experience & a diverse portfolio of commercial & research projects, Hazel is highly regarded by the food & farming industries in both the UK & Australia.

Darren West

Electronics and Software Designer, Technology Evangelist, Entrepreneur.

Qualifications: BSc(Hons) MPhil CEng MIET MIEAust CPEng

Experience:  Darren is an electronic engineer, scientist and business entrepreneur with key skills in design and prototyping of complex audio visual and computer hardware. Electronic, software, or FPGA contract design services.

Key clients include Microsoft and Pixel Power.  With a keen interest in sustainable engineering and a creative mind which knows no bounds.


VegDoctor is 2017 Churchill Fellow

We are thrilled to announce that Hazel has been selected to be one of the 2017 Australian Churchill Fellows for travel to Northern Europe in early 2018.

The Project: Hazel is looking to meet people and view factories with state-of-the-art approaches to development of value-added, convenient, healthy foods throughout 8 weeks funded travel in March-April 2018, to the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Italy.  She specifically wants to address the opportunity and mechanisms to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into value-added, convenient, healthy foods.  Hazel will be looking for new trends and products, innovative approaches, nimble and versatile processing systems and equipment, and effective collaborative approaches. Hazel will focus on opportunities relevant to Australian fruit and vegetable producers, especially for stabilisation of, and adding value to excess produce.

The Outcomes: Key specific insights (products, equipment, contacts) relevant to Australian SME food producers to help them develop new food products for local and export markets.  Hazel’s learnings, insights and ideas generated will be shared via talks, workshops and more local ‘foodie’ events.

A Churchill Fellowship provides an opportunity for Australian Citizens to travel overseas in search of new ideas, innovation and excellence!  The Churchill Trust was established in 1965 to honour the memory of Sir Winston Churchill the great world leader, and provides a pathway for Fellows to access industry and community leaders from across the world, enabling the exchange of knowledge, technology and experience for the benefit of Australian Society.  For further information see: www.churchilltrust.com.au


Email: hazel@mactavishwest.com.au